There are two types of photofacial treatments: LED (light emitting diode) or IPL (intense-pulsed light). Both are procedures that use light wavelengths to treat superficial skin conditions. These include sun spots, superficial wrinkles, broken capillaries, spider veins, and skin redness. Many patients also use photofacials to regenerate collagen—the protein that keeps up your skin’s elasticity and fights wrinkles.

An LED photofacial is a milder treatment for more superficial conditions. It is used to boost collagen levels and kill acne-causing bacteria. When performed consistently, LED photofacials are great for minor wrinkles or pigmentation.

For more serious issues, we recommend IPL. It targets skin issues at the root below the skin’s surface. The light’s brightness and intensity is such that it can stimulate deeper skin layers and solve pigmentation problems.

In these photos, you will notice a more even, natural skin tone after photofacial treatment. The skin also becomes tighter from the promotion of collagen.