Resurfacing is a procedure used to treat several different skin imperfections. Static wrinkles that do not change as you move your face; dynamic wrinkles that develop because of different facial expressions; scars from acne or other injuries; discoloration from the sun such as melasma or sun spots; and blood vessels that are visible on the face or affect coloration are all issues that can be solved through skin resurfacing.

Resurfacing techniques include chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and dermabrasion, each with different levels of penetration and intensity.

However, the idea behind each technique is the same: remove the top layer of weathered, damaged skin to reveal the new, clearer skin underneath. Your lower layer of skin is tighter, so wrinkles disappear. It is also healthier, so scars will be lighter and pigment is more even.

You will see in these photos on the right side the tighter, younger skin that is revealed for each patient through skin resurfacing.