Before and After Botox Treatment: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

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You finally decided to turn back the clock for your skin and schedule a Botox treatment appointment in Austin with Dr. Ted Lain. Congratulations! You are that much closer to uncovering youthful, healthy skin underneath those years of wear and tear. To make your appointment as smooth as your new skin, we have provided a before and after guide to Botox in Austin. Follow our tips to ensure amazing results, minimal side effects, and a short recovery.


Prepare for Your Appointment

Before you walk into Dr. Ted Lain’s office on the day of your appointment, you should make a few preparations. First, you should avoid taking any drugs with aspirin or similar blood-thinning ingredients at least four days before the appointment. Thin blood will increase the risk of bruising during and after your Botox treatment. Talk to Dr. Lain if you have a prescription medication with such ingredients.

Leading up to the appointment and on the day of, we will ask you about your medical background. It is extremely important that you answer all of these questions as truthfully and thoroughly as you can. Some medications and medical conditions can turn Botox into a dangerous procedure. To determine if Austin Botox treatment is right for you, be straightforward with our specialists.
Other than those two important steps of preparation, getting ready for your Botox appointment is as easy as walking in the doors of Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology. We’ll take care of everything else as you sit back and revive the smooth, wrinkle-free skin you used to know.

The Right Road to Recovery

To maximize your results and minimize side effects, it’s important to take good care of yourself after the appointment. We recommend waiting several hours, perhaps even a full day before exercising. With the redness and bruising that may follow Botox treatment in Austin, you want to avoid putting an extra strain on your skin with sweat and increased blood flow.

You should also try not to lie down for long stretches after Botox. The treatment needs time to settle into your body, and lying down can make this process longer or more difficult. Plus, lying down may increase swelling of the injected sites—you don’t want a puffy face.

Finally, do not rub or massage the injection sites for at least the first couple of days after treatment. Like we said, the Botox needs time to settle into your skin tissue and work its magic. Rubbing injected areas too soon can spread the Botox to other parts of your face—areas you may not want Botox to affect. The best way to avoid strange swelling or serious bruising is pretty simple: just leave it alone. If you want more information about what to expect from your Botox treatment in Austin, give us a call today.