Skin Cancer Treatment in Austin: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

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Most of us spent too much time in the sun as children and teenagers without sunscreen. Until recently, no one appreciated the great importance of sun protection; but many of us are paying for it now with over 2.8 million new skin cancer cases diagnosed across the world each year.


While a majority of these cases are non-melanoma skin cancer (squamous and basal cell cancers) that are rarely lethal, traditional treatment options require just as much recovery time and create as many scars as treatment of melanoma skin cancer. For one small mole on your face, you could be in for an uncomfortable procedure and a lifelong scar.

But if you’re looking for skin cancer treatment in Austin, we have great news. At Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology we offer the SRT-100, a breakthrough treatment option in the field of non-melanoma skin cancer.

A Better Option

For years, Mohs surgery—a complicated procedure requiring a lab and a highly skilled surgeon—was practically the only option for any kind of skin cancer removal. This was a problem for any patients with cancerous tissue on their face.
The SRT-100, or Superficial Radiation Therapy, provides an effective alternative for those concerned about the cosmetic outcome or the risks of surgery.

Low-energy radiation waves penetrate just below the surface of your skin to break up the DNA of cancerous cells. We target only cancerous tissue so the cancer is eliminated with little damage to normal cells. Each session lasts only 90 seconds with no recovery time. A few separate sessions should be all you need to complete your treatment; a scab may develop in the affected area, but that will flake off and fade soon after. To make a long story short: no recovery time, no pain, and no scars.

What’s the Catch?

If you think the SRT-100 sounds too good to be true, give us a call and see it for yourself. The procedure truly is as easy, painless, and fast as it sounds. If you need treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer in Austin—even for sensitive areas like the nose, eyelids, lips, corners of the mouth, or the lining of the ear—we have your solution. Stop by Dr. Ted Lain’s office today to learn more about the magic of the SRT-100.