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Ideas for Weight Loss in Austin, Texas

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Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. You cannot compare your body to another person’s because everyone is different. Obsessing over magazine models will only bring you sadness and dissatisfaction with your own body because those photos are airbrushed and manufactured. Become the best version of yourself. With the help of Dr. Ted Lain…

Austin Body Contouring

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Love the Skin You’re In With Total Body Contouring It is human nature to pick apart our physical flaws. The mirror is not always your friend and can be too honest for your sensitive psyche. All the situps, lunges and leg lifts in the world often times will not erase pockets of fat, cellulite and…

Watch Unwanted Body Fat Disappear

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You have probably tried all sorts of crazy fad diets, only to realize that you cannot get rid of the stubborn belly fat. You might have even mixed in an exercise routine, only to find that your love handles are not getting any smaller. Before your lose hope, there are solutions to body fat elimination.…

Austin Dermatologist With Your Weight Loss Answers

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Austin’s unofficial slogan known to the locals is “Keep it Weird.” The deeper meaning behind this strange slogan is keeping big businesses out of Austin and protecting small, unique local establishments. That’s exactly what you’ll get from Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology. You won’t find a big, impersonal chain clinic, the staff from this Austin Dermatology…

Why Those Last Five Pounds Seem to Stick Around

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You’ve stuck to your New Year’s Resolution pretty well so far. March is beginning, and you still get yourself to the gym a few times a week. Plus, you’ve replaced all the Twinkies and chips in your house with fruit and nuts. Go ahead—pat yourself on the back. You deserve it. Thanks to your healthy…