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Beat the Heat this Summer Infographic

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A Step by Step Guide to Beat the Heat this Summer Dr. Ted Lain wants you to be safe this summer. And since he has been featured on famous TV talk shows, like Good Day Austin (Fox 7 News) and Cori Coffin (KVUE), as well as hundreds of websites and magazines, Dr. Lain understands what…

Skin Care by Age

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Skin care is a delicate process and should be handled wisely, especially as you age. Your buoyant, supple skin in your 20’s will have different needs compared to your thin, fragile skin of your 70’s. In each era of your life, your skin will need to be handled appropriately, otherwise it will lead to irritation,…

6 Tips to Keep Your Skin from Drying Out This Winter

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While the winter weather outside may be frightful, that doesn’t mean your skin has to be. The colder temperatures can dry out your skin and cause an uncomfortable tightness. Cracking, peeling, flaking and even rashy skin results in the frigid winter weather. Summer air is filled with moisture which keeps your skin hydrated. The winter…

Fun Facts About Spa Treatments

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With a busy life jam packed with work, bills, family and more, that stress can take a toll on you face resulting in breakouts or worry lines etched into you skin. Just one spa treatment at Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology can relieve incredible amounts of tension from you week. It’s just what you need to…

Freshen Up Your Face and Figure With Skin Tightening

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Doesn’t it feel nice when someone finds out your age and is surprised that you are older than you look? You walk around all day with a little skip in your step, you feel pretty amazing. Youth are blessed with beautiful, perky skin and as we age, gravity is not kind to our skin. Everything…

Laser Treatment for Acne

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There are few things more embarrassing than an acne covered face. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, a face covered in painful, ugly blemishes makes you feel self conscious and unattractive. These feelings motivate you to do some pretty desperate things, trying all sorts of acne remedies, only to find that your face is…