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Say Good-bye to Your Spider Vein Embarrassment

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preventing spider veins

You spend hours in the gym to improve your physique and you eat right to keep your body healthy, but one thing you cannot solve yourself are the spider veins that occur where you appreciate them the least. It’s not fun to show off your finely sculpted legs you have been toning in that new skirt if your legs are blighted by the unsightly appearance of spider veins. And worse, sometimes spider veins appear on your face and there is very little you can do to cover them. These veins can be embarrassing and for some people they are also painful, itchy and throb occasionally. The good news is, you do not have to live with this condition forever. There are effective treatments performed by Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology that can alleviate and solve this frustrating condition.

How spider veins occur

Not to be confused with varicose veins, which are large, raised and swollen blood vessels underneath the skin, spider veins are smaller, red or blue blood vessels that get their name from their spiderweb look. While spider veins are not dangerous and only rarely cause discomfort, they are an annoying blemish to the appearance of your skin. Over time, the valves within blood vessels weaken, causing the blood to pool and form the spiderwebbed pattern on your skin.

What makes you susceptible to spider veins

There are a number of risk factors when it comes to spider veins. Here are a few ways in which spider veins develop:

  • Genetics: Sometimes, no matter what you do to try and avoid them, you will still develop spider veins because they of a genetic predisposition you possess.
  • Obesity: Extra weight will cause stress to your blood vessels so keeping your weight within a healthy range decreases your chances.
  • Sun exposure: Sun can increase your chances for sun spots and wrinkles but it can also increase your chances for spider veins.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: An inactive lifestyle will promote spider veins. Sitting or standing for two long will cause blood to pool in parts of your body, thus by moving your blood flows better. When you are resting, elevate your legs to take the pressure off, allowing the blood to flow back to the heart.
  • Crossing your legs: Crossing your legs puts increased pressure on your blood vessles and the blood to pool in pockets within your legs.
  • Bad footwear: High heels should be used for special occasions. Wearing them often can squeeze the feet and cause the veins to be compromised in your legs. Low heeled shoes keep even pressure throughout the foot. Spider veins are not always preventable, but there are some things you can do to prevent their occurrence. Taking special care can decrease your chances.
  • Got spider veins? We can help!

    If spider veins are causing you grief, do not despair. Our team at Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology can help you get rid of this problem. Sciton Nd:Yag laser treatment for spider veins is an incredible tool which non-invasively vanishes these spidery, damaged veins. A consultation with our talented and experienced dermatologist will help determine the treatment specially tailored for your needs. We want you to feel comfortable and our goal is your complete satisfaction. Call us today to bring back your beautiful, clear skin again.

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    5 Tips and Tricks to Prevent Aging

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    When you are young, you cannot figure out what all the hype is about getting older and aging. You are excited to meet the milestones of “growing up.” However, as the years tick by faster than you are prepared for and one day you realize that supple, smooth face you’ve stared at for years is starting to sag, your self esteem can take a big hit. Whether it is premature aging or that you are actually hitting those big numbers each birthday, wrinkles will inevitably appear and the vitality and youth in your skin will eventually fade. But do not be disheartened. Thanks to modern technology and the advances in science, many procedures carried out by Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology can actually erase the signs of aging from your skin and body.

    1-Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles

    When the fine lines around your eyes are rapidly reproducing or that wrinkle between your eyebrow seems to be deepening day by day, we have several solutions for these. Botox is widely known for plumping up the area under the skin for a more youthful appearance. And now Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology proudly offers Volbella fillers, a new option without excessive swelling. It is gives a more natural look when you want the fine lines around your mouth removed or fuller lips.

    2-Vanishing cellulite problems

    Your propensity to developing more cellulite as you age can be attributed to genetic factors, no matter what the scale reflects. Cellfina is one of the most revolutionary procedures out there to get rid of unsightly cellulite. This minimally invasive procedure disrupts the taut connective bands under the skin creating that unattractive, dimpled look. The results can last up to a year and give you the smoothness you desire.

    3-Removing spider veins

    Shorts, skirts and bathing suits can be sources of great anxiety if you have varicose veins. Not only are these embarrassing but they can be quite painful too. Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology in Austin offers an effective tool called Sciton Nd:Yag laser treatment for spider veins that will help bring back your confidence.

    4-Tighten sagging skin

    A natural process of aging involves loss in skin elasticity. Over time, once youthful skin begins to droop, making your age visible to all. But with Ultherapy, a nonsurgical method of tightening sagging skin, will help lift falling eyebrows, upturn the areas around your mouth, vanish the “turkey neck,” and add a buoyancy to your skin again.

    5-Reduce fat in unwanted areas

    With the Vanquish system, this FDA approved treatment literally melts away the fat under your skin, contouring the areas of your body that have gone soft. Sometimes, no amount of sit ups or aerobic exercise can melt fat in these particular areas. Vanquish vanishes these fat deposits to deliver a flatter and firmer result.

    Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology in Austin is your secret weapon against aging. Make an appointment with us today and we can discuss your concerns and which procedures will be right for you. Granting you a youthful appearance in the most painless, minimally invasive ways possible is our goal. Call us today.

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    How to Prevent and Remove Spider Veins: Your Options in Austin

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    Medical professionals are still uncertain about the exact causes of spider veins, especially when trying to explain why some people develop more than others. Some contribute spider veins to your family genes—if your dad had a lot, so will you. Others attribute increased spider vein development to increased stress on the legs, explaining why those who work on their feet (servers, nurses, and others) typically have more. While we don’t have all the answers, we do have a few words of advice to help you keep spider veins at bay as much as possible.


    • Exercise on a regular basis—a habit that would prevent many more problems besides spider veins. Exercising gets the blood pumping through your legs and prevents your veins from breaking down.
    • Change your position often. When you have to sit for a long period of time (like at the office) try to take get up and move around at least every hour. If you have to stand for long, try to find times to sit.
    • Wear compression hose. You can ask your dermatologist about graduated compression hose; these are hose that maintain gradual pressure from your feet up, improving circulation and preventing the formation of new spider veins. That’s why these are so common for patients of our spider vein removal procedure in Austin.
    • Use sunscreen. Usually your dermatologist hassles you about sunscreen for your face; but protecting any part of your body from the sun can reduce your risk of spider veins, especially if you have fair skin.

    Following these tips should prevent excessive spider veins from spreading across your legs. But when it comes down to it, the majority of people develop at least a few over the course of their lives. That’s why we don’t just offer advice for prevention—we offer effective spider vein removal treatment in Austin, as well as service for those in Lakeway, Round Rock and surrounding areas. We use a sclerosing agent to irritate the inside of the offending vein; soon scar tissue forms and cuts off blood flow, causing the vein to die and disappear from the skin’s surface. It’s a painless, easy process that will fade those unsightly spider veins in no time. Call Dr. Ted Lain today to find out more about the spider vein removal options available to you now in Austin.

    Dermatology Isn’t Just for Your Face: Solutions for Spider Veins

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    When you hear about a dermatologist in Austin, you probably imagine acne-prone teenagers meeting with a doctor to try out new cleansers and lotions. Well, Dr. Ted Lain does meet with acne-prone teenagers about skincare products, but that’s not all he does.

    By now, you may have passed out of the acne phase (thankfully). But time has a way of wearing down our skin in different ways at every age. If you’ve traded breakouts on your face for spider veins along your legs, a dermatologist in Austin like Dr. Ted Lain could still be exactly what you need.

    spider veins

    What You Need to Know about Spider Veins

    Spider veins are named after the spider for their web-like appearance across the skin. These tiny blood vessels lie near the surface of the skin, and groups often branch from the same reticular vein, the source of the real problem. If you want to permanently eliminate the spider veins in an area, you need to treat the reticular vein that’s flowing into them.

    With all of the blood pumping through your body each minute (five to six quarts on average), it’s no wonder your veins wear out with age. Obesity, hormonal changes, sun exposure, and prolonged standing can accelerate the process too. When you notice a varicose vein or group of spider veins, it means that your blood vessel(s) has broken down and stopped allowing normal blood flow. The valve inside the vessel no longer closes properly, trapping oxygen-deprived blood inside with more building up, causing the dark red or blue discoloration and misshapen appearance of many varicose or spider veins. While this may sound serious, it is usually a cosmetic concern more than anything else.

    What You Can Do about Spider Veins

    As your dermatologist in Austin, Dr. Ted Lain offers fast and effective spider vein treatment options for you. We provide both sclerotherapy and laser procedures to eliminate those unsightly veins. Because they are no longer circulating blood properly, shutting them down completely does no harm. In fact, spider vein therapy could improve overall blood flow, especially if you use the recommended compression hose after treatment.

    If you are tired of hiding your legs because of varicose and spider veins, see what Dr. Ted Lain can do for you. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. You can turn back the clock to enjoy the clear, even skin of yesterday.