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Beat the Heat this Summer Infographic

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A Step by Step Guide to Beat the Heat this Summer Dr. Ted Lain wants you to be safe this summer. And since he has been featured on famous TV talk shows, like Good Day Austin (Fox 7 News) and Cori Coffin (KVUE), as well as hundreds of websites and magazines, Dr. Lain understands what…

Migraines? Botox May Help

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If you have ever experienced a migraine, you know very well how excruciating this headache is. “Headache” is an understatement because it feels more like a head explosion. Migraines can be debilitating, affect your vision and even cause nausea and vomiting. If you suffer with these, you would do just about anything to get rid…

Skin Care by Age

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Skin care is a delicate process and should be handled wisely, especially as you age. Your buoyant, supple skin in your 20’s will have different needs compared to your thin, fragile skin of your 70’s. In each era of your life, your skin will need to be handled appropriately, otherwise it will lead to irritation,…

6 Tips to Keep Your Skin from Drying Out This Winter

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While the winter weather outside may be frightful, that doesn’t mean your skin has to be. The colder temperatures can dry out your skin and cause an uncomfortable tightness. Cracking, peeling, flaking and even rashy skin results in the frigid winter weather. Summer air is filled with moisture which keeps your skin hydrated. The winter…

Removing Makeup Without Damaging Sensitive Skin

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With Halloween right around the corner, costume ideas and how to dress up for them might be spinning through your head. Whether for yourself or your children, costume makeup is one of the most important parts of the look. From blue smurf faces to elaborately made up princesses, this makeup can be quite a pain…

Choose the Perfect Gym in Austin

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Almost all studies agree that your New Year’s resolutions are hard to maintain. Some numbers even suggest a 92% failure rate. If you’re like most people, a New Year’s resolution is made during a time when you’ve had a few too many hits of Christmas punch, a belly full of pinwheels and shortbread and a…