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Almost all studies agree that your New Year’s resolutions are hard to maintain. Some numbers even suggest a 92% failure rate. If you’re like most people, a New Year’s resolution is made during a time when you’ve had a few too many hits of Christmas punch, a belly full of pinwheels and shortbread and a silly hat on your head. Is that really the best time to make a decision that will last for your lifetime?

If your goal is to renew your health and fitness, or you simply want to continue a healthy habit that you’ve already started, you need to have access to all the information about what Austin’s gym and health club scene offer. This infographic breaks down the various bits of information that could take you weeks to assemble. Now at a quick glance you can see the various fees, charges and the pros and cons of each of Austin’s gym and health club, brought to you by Dr. Ted Lain at Steiner Ranch Dermatology.

The 411 About Gyms in Austin, TX

Gyms Austin

By your dermatologist in Austin at Steiner Ranch Dermatology

Price Points and Fees

15 different clubs and memberships are on offer, so it’s a convenient way to see how each club breaks down and what they bring to the table. Have a look at the first two data points. Should you make your decision on whether it’s only you attending, or whether you think you can convince members of your family to surgically unglue their smartphones from their hands and join you for a workout.

Hours and Amenities

If you’re new to the area, or the whole gym scene, it’s handy to know if the gym you’re going to commit to is a right fit for you. That’s why many places offer free trial periods with their memberships. Also, what hours are you going to be available, or what works best with your schedule? If you need a 3AM workout, (and who doesn’t, right?), your options are limited. Find out what your neighbors think of the gym, and what the general public sentiment is towards your chosen membership. They just might know something you don’t. Lastly, you can also see at a glance the gyms that offer free consultations, classes, amenities, contracts and kid-friendly areas.

This graphic now contains all the considerations you’d once have to make yourself. With all this information now available at your fingertips, all you need to do is commit to tie up your shoes, get out the door and stick to a new healthier, happier habit. Always consult a physician before beginning a new health routine.