Acne Scar Treatment in Austin

Acne—deep, red, pustules of embarrassment.  The feelings that envelope you with a breakout are those of shame and distress. The paper bag over your head sounds very comforting during a breakout. However, once the pimples have vanished, sometimes they leave blighted evidence of their departure in the form of a crater or purple scar. How depressing! These terrible scars could be from your pubescent past or an adult onset outbreak but either way, no one likes the reminder of those traumatic pimples.

If acne scars afflict your face, make an appointment with Dr. Ted Lain where he can discuss with you the latest breakthroughs in Austin scar treatments that can bring back the vibrancy to your complexion.

Methods such as chemical peels, fillers, and creams can boost your confidence when you aren’t worrying about covering up exasperating acne scars. Dr. Ted Lain will formulate a person Skin Renewal Plan tailored just for your needs to make you feel beautiful again.

In the meantime, if acne flair ups occur again, here are 5 tips to prevent acne scarring:

1.     Prevent pimples in the first place. Dr. Ted Lain can introduce you to the fantastic Skin+Metrics system with gentle facial and exfoliating cleaners. Clean your skin the right way to reduce the risk of outbreaks.

2.     Sunscreen. If your skin has a few unwanted pimples and scarring, sunscreen is vital to preventing these areas from getting darker. Dr. Ted Lain also can present the TeaDerma Pads, which have anti-oxidant activity of EGCG, approximately 100 times that of Vitamin C and 25 times that of Vitamin E, protecting cells and DNA from damage. Another product called MelaShade provides UVB and UVA protection, perfect for sensitive facial skin.

3.     Avoid inflammation. Inflamed acne lesions are much more likely to scar. Avoid doing anything that would further irritate the skin such as aggressive scrubbing. Gentle is the key.

4.     Don’t squeeze or pop pimples. Picking at pimples can force debris deeper into the follicle and spread infection and worsen the blemish. Allow it to heal on its own.

5.     See your dermatologist. If you experience deep breakouts, don’t hesitate to see your doctor for a quick and effective treatment to reduce the outbreak and scarring. Deep nodules or acne cysts can leave permanent scars as the infection destroys the skin. See Dr. Ted Lain before the blemish can do this.

Never before, have there been so many solutions to scar reduction and acne breakout. Make an appointment with your Austin acne scar professional today to get rid of the painful memories of the past and bring on your beautiful, clear skin.



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