Spider Vein Removal in Austin

Are you tired of the spider veins that branch out all over your legs? Or how about the tiny red lines that trace your cheeks and nose? While they may not be painful or dangerous, you don’t want your beautiful skin to stay hidden behind a maze of darkened blood vessels. And Dr. Ted Lain has the solution for you.

What are Spider Veins?

When a vein stops circulating blood properly, some of the old, oxygen-deprived blood can get backed up and force the vein to expand. Instead of making it back to the heart, the blood remains in the weak vein and turns it a dark red or blue color. These are varicose veins; spider veins are a type of varicose vein that is smaller and near the surface of the skin.

The most common causes behind spider veins are hormonal influences, obesity, consistent prolonged standing, sun exposure, and age.

Austin Texas Spider Vein Treatment

For spider vein removal we offer sclerotherapy. A sclerosing agent (a solution that irritates the inside of the veins) is injected into the offending vein. The solution prompts scar tissue to form inside the vein, cutting it off from blood flow entirely. After some time, the vein dies and disappears from the surface of the skin.

We also offer the Sciton Nd:Yag laser treatment for spider veins. This procedure is especially effective on spider veins on the face and nose area. The veins are quickly heated and eliminated leaving only the natural color and tone of your skin. Laser treatment of spider veins requires no anesthesia.

In combination with sclerotherapy and laser treatments, we often recommend compression hose for our patients. These look and feel like regular panty hose, except they are specially tailored to fit you. By using graduated compression (or more pressure at the feet and less farther up the leg), circulation can improve and prevent future symptoms.

Clear Skin Today

If you are ready to say goodbye to spider veins on your legs, face, or other parts of the body, give us a call. Dr. Ted Lain offers professional, comfortable spider vein removal in Austin for you. When you come in for your first appointment, we will build a therapy plan to fit your needs. There is no better time than right now.



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