Austin Botox: The Perfect Botox Price

Many people have discovered the exciting possibilities of Botox Cosmetic™ . It relaxes wrinkles and lines, taking years off your face. And the treatment is safe for your skin. It is truly an unrivaled procedure in Austin skin care.

A Professional Difference

So why do we picture puffy, swollen cheeks or frozen facial muscles when we hear “Botox”? The difference between a miracle and a mishap is not in the product—it’s in the personnel. A good physician with precise knowledge of needle placement and muscle anatomy makes the miracle happen. Here at Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology, you are not just purchasing the product, you are purchasing the collective 17 years of experience and knowledge of our professionals. We can treat areas of the body and face that other less-experienced physicians or non-physician injectors may not be able to. Our expertise means you will come out of your procedure thrilled with the results—a professional difference you can see.

Affordable Options

Professional Botox treatment does not have to cost a fortune. We want all of our patients to come away happy with the results and the price. This is why we offer a variety of pricing options to make Austin Botox affordable for everyone. You can take advantage of our membership offer, special discount days, points program, and more.

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Is Botox the miracle treatment you’ve been waiting for? Call Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology today to schedule your free consultation. Under the care of our professionals, you will get exactly what you want: beautiful, younger-looking skin.



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