Hydrafacial with Dr. Ted Lain: Smoother Skin Today

In our high-speed world of instant results, you need a facial treatment that keeps up with your schedule. You don’t have time to stay in a dermatologist’s office for hours then sit at home to recover. But to get the results you want, you have to put up with the downtime, right? With our new HydraFacial treatment, you can get instant results with no downtime. It’s a skincare procedure for people on the go in Austin Texas.

Four Easy Steps

A HydraFacial peel consists of four powerful and painless phases to reduce hyperpigmentation, congested pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. At first, we cleanse and exfoliate the skin to clear away makeup, dirt, and dead cells. This gives us a clean, new layer of skin to work with. Next, the acid peel—made up of glycolic and salicylic acid—effectively loosens built-up impurities in your pores. While many acid peels can leave your skin red and irritated, our patients report only a mild tingling sensation with the HydraFacial peel.

After the lodged dirt and grime have been released, our technician uses the vortex-extraction nozzle to remove it. The nozzle acts like a vacuum, gently sucking away any loose material that may be stuck in your pores. This step will leave your skin smoother and cleaner than you have ever seen it before. Finally, we finish the treatment with a serum of hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants. The ingredients are vortex-fused to insure the greatest level of hydration and elasticity in your skin.

No Recovery Time

With other products you need to allow your skin to recover for at least a few hours before continuing with your day. But with HydraFacial, you can stop by the dermatologist’s office for 20-30 minutes and go straight to work afterward. No one will ask you why your face is red or why your cheeks look puffy—instead they’ll wonder how your skin looks so soft and smooth.

If you want results that are as fast-paced as you are, then HydraFacial with Dr. Ted Lain is the answer. Visit our Austin Dermatology office today to set up your first appointment, and get going with healthier skin.



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