Juvederm with Dr. Ted Lain: Smile Without the Lines

There’s nothing wrong with smiling and laughing often. But you probably wish you didn’t have to live with the wrinkles and lines that come from being so happy all the time. Don’t give up that beautiful smile just yet—Dr. Ted Lain, your dermatologist in Austin, Texas, has the solution for you in Juvederm. With this fantastic filler, you can share all the laughs you want while maintaining a full, youthful face.

Erase Mouth and Nose Wrinkles


Juvederm is the only non-surgical hyaluronic acid filler available today. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural chemical in your body that contributes to your skin’s collagen production and elasticity. Over the years, our skin produces less and less of these skin-plumping ingredients, so we start to see wrinkles and sagging. With Juvederm, your face gets an HA boost, promoting skin thickness. The HA also absorbs water when injected; it expands and smoothes lines from underneath the skin’s surface.

Juvederm is perfect for erasing wrinkles around the mouth and nose specifically. Dr. Ted Lain is an expert in facial injections; he can treat everything from marionette lines to vertical lip lines. Juvederm is also completely non-surgical. In just one easy visit to your dermatologist in Austin, Texas, you’ll be on your way to a lovely, younger-looking face.

Something to Smile About

Create a smooth, beautiful frame for your smile with our revolutionary filler, Juvederm. You can trade a couple of hours with your Austin dermatologist for up to a year of youthful-looking skin. Does that sound too good to be true? Dr. Ted Lain invites you to try it for yourself. Your satisfaction is our priority. Give us a call today to set up an appointment, and find out how Juvederm can keep you smiling for years to come.



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