Radiesse with Dr. Ted Lain: Results Now and Later

You wouldn’t trade all your years of experience and wisdom for your younger face—but it sure would be great to have both. Good news: you can be wisdom and beauty all wrapped together with Radiesse. This volumizing filler works the minute it enters your skin, and it continues to work for months beyond. Ask Dr. Ted Lain, your dermatologist in Austin, how Radiesse can turn back time with your face.

Skin Support

When injected, Radiesse offers support and structure underneath the skin’s surface. Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHa) microspheres float inside an aqueous gel, providing cushion and volume inside the skin. The CaHa beads also stimulate your face’s own collagen production as they begin to metabolize. Eventually, the gel is dissolved and the microspheres absorbed, leaving your own collagen to do the trick.

The years of gravity and stress are lifted away with the volumizing effect of this amazing filler. Immediately after treatment, you can enjoy the results you want. For up to year after the procedure, Radiesse leaves your skin with boosted natural collagen production so it can help support itself. Where else can you get the short- and long-term results of your dreams? Dr. Ted Lain offers you both.

Natural Results Today

Radiesse is in a class of its own as one of the few fillers that helps your own skin give you the results you want. Because the long-lasting results come from your own collagen, your face will feel soft, smooth, and—most importantly—natural. You can let your wisdom show in what you say, not how you look. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and learn about Radiesse, your ticket back to a youthful face.



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