Sculptra with Dr. Ted Lain: Aging in Reverse

Does it strike you as funny that our skin takes years to age, yet we try to reverse the process overnight? You aren’t the only one. Dr. Ted Lain has the perfect product for you: Sculptra. It works as naturally as the aging process, only with opposite results. While time and gravity wear down your skin’s natural collagen and volume level, Sculptra works to build it back up slowly. For steady, authentic skincare results in Austin, ask Dr. Ted Lain about Sculptra.

No Dramatic Transformation

Many patients shy away from fillers and Botox because they don’t want an overnight change from aged skin to a suspiciously younger face. After all, you didn’t fall asleep in your twenties and wake up in your fifties. With Sculptra, a revolution in Austin skincare, we make time work for instead of against your skin.

Much of your skin’s volume loss comes from the breakdown of its basic collagen structure. Sculptra reaches the deep layers of your skin and stimulates collage production once again. Over time, your own natural collagen will rebuild and restore itself, giving your face a more youthful appearance. The body absorbs the elements of Sculptra after a while, so the results are truly natural. With the gradual process, you are guaranteed longer-lasting effects—up to two years or more.

Subtle is the New Sexy

When your face is slowly aging backward, you get a little younger every day. No one will notice your subtle shift from aged, worn skin to smooth, youthful skin until they realize how lovely you look. With all of these overnight products and one-day treatments, go against the grain. Subtle is the new sexy in Austin skincare. Give us a call today to set up your first Sculptra appointment, and start the clock ticking backwards.



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