Solutions for Spider Veins: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

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When you hear about a dermatologist in Austin, you probably imagine acne-prone teenagers meeting with a doctor to try out new cleansers and lotions. Well, Dr. Ted Lain does meet with acne-prone teenagers about skincare products, but that’s not all he does.

By now, you may have passed out of the acne phase (thankfully). But time has a way of wearing down our skin in different ways at every age. If you’ve traded breakouts on your face for spider veins along your legs, a dermatologist in Austin like Dr. Ted Lain could still be exactly what you need.

spider veins

What You Need to Know about Spider Veins

Spider veins are named after the spider for their web-like appearance across the skin. These tiny blood vessels lie near the surface of the skin, and groups often branch from the same reticular vein, the source of the real problem. If you want to permanently eliminate the spider veins in an area, you need to treat the reticular vein that’s flowing into them.

With all of the blood pumping through your body each minute (five to six quarts on average), it’s no wonder your veins wear out with age. Obesity, hormonal changes, sun exposure, and prolonged standing can accelerate the process too. When you notice a varicose vein or group of spider veins, it means that your blood vessel(s) has broken down and stopped allowing normal blood flow. The valve inside the vessel no longer closes properly, trapping oxygen-deprived blood inside with more building up, causing the dark red or blue discoloration and misshapen appearance of many varicose or spider veins. While this may sound serious, it is usually a cosmetic concern more than anything else.

What You Can Do about Spider Veins

As your dermatologist in Austin, Dr. Ted Lain offers fast and effective spider vein treatment options for you. We provide both sclerotherapy and laser procedures to eliminate those unsightly veins. Because they are no longer circulating blood properly, shutting them down completely does no harm. In fact, spider vein therapy could improve overall blood flow, especially if you use the recommended compression hose after treatment.

If you are tired of hiding your legs because of varicose and spider veins, see what Dr. Ted Lain can do for you. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. You can turn back the clock to enjoy the clear, even skin of yesterday.