No Droopy Eyelids: Finding the Right Botox Treatment in Austin -

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Lately Botox has gotten some bad press, and you may be worrying that the treatment isn’t worth the risk. Before you start searching for alternative treatments, let’s look at the facts. Botox is made from botulinum toxin—yes, that says toxin. Botulinum toxin blocks signals from the brain to the injected muscle, thus stopping any muscle contractions. You can imagine how large, unmonitored doses of Botox could produce some undesired effects, to say the least. However, as it is used in the medical and cosmetic world, injections are nowhere near strong enough to pose a threat to your health and safety. In fact, they are only enough to treat the miniscule muscles around your face. So if the product itself isn’t what you should worry about, what is?

Who’s On the Other End of that Needle?

Those stories of Botox in Austin gone wrong—droopy eyelids, frozen smiles, and numb faces—have more to do with who administered the treatment than anything else. Botox must be injected into only the targeted muscles to erase wrinkles and lines; anything short of a professional and experienced technician will produce side effects, not results. Dr. Julius Few, spokesperson for the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety, points out red flags to watch out for when shopping for a Botox procedure. Keep that injection needle far from your face if the provider:

  • doesn’t identify which substances will be used
  • avoids open discussion of the risks and benefits to you as a patient
  • puts any kind of pressure on you to agree to a procedure

Choosing the Best

True medical professionals are more concerned with keeping you healthy and achieving your desired results—not making a buck. To find the very best of Botox options in Austin, search for experienced doctors who specialize in cosmetic treatments, even if other places advertise a screaming deal. If the Botox comes cheap, there’s probably a reason. Choose a doctor like Ted Lain, who has worked with Botox since 2006 to give his patients great results. His knowledge of facial anatomy and injection techniques are unmatched—our office handles every area from lip lines to crow’s feet. Plus, working with a dermatologist who knows what your cosmetic goals are insures that your Botox treatment will produce the results you wanted from the beginning.

Armed with this new knowledge, you can sift through the Austin Botox market with confidence. When you finally decide on Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology, we’ll be ready to help. Give us a call and experience Botox done right.