Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology: Austin Hair Removal

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Men and women around the world are talking about laser hair removal. With results of up to 80% hair reduction, it sounds almost too good to be true. But after shaving every other day or suffering through painful waxing appointments, it certainly seems worth a try. Naturally, rumors of miraculous outcomes and terrifying horror stories surround any kind of beauty treatment, especially laser hair removal. It is important that a client know exactly what he or she is getting into.

There is no such thing as permanent hair removal.
Laser hair removal does indeed remove the hair from the treated area. The high-powered light kills off hair follicles so as to prevent them from growing again, but it would be nearly impossible to eliminate every follicle. The long-term benefit of laser hair removal in Austin is permanent reduction rather than removal. Instead of shaving every other day, a woman who gets her legs treated may only have to shave every week or two. So if a med-spa or salon promises a hair-free future, they are not telling the whole truth.

With the right equipment, Laser hair removal works on light or dark skin
Advancements in technology for laser hair removal have opened up many options for people with light skin and dark. The Intense Pulse Light technology is of benefit for those with lighter skin tones, and the Nd:Yag laser benefits patients with darker skin. No matter your skin type of hair color, you have options.

Do not shave or tan before the appointment.
Laser hair removal in Austin effects hair that is still growing; we recommend a quarter-inch of growth when you come to your appointment. A client may even be sent away if he or she has shaved too recently. Bare skin makes the hair follicles nearly impossible to reach (or see) and raises the risk of getting burned. Along with shaving, a patient should not tan the target area at least two weeks before and after an appointment. In fact, any treated skin should be kept totally out of the sun for some time.

Discount laser hair removal can be costly.
With the high price of laser hair removal in Austin, it is easy to be lured in by the great deals and discounts that some day-spas and salons offer. It is important to remember that Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and should be handled by trained, certified professionals. If used incorrectly Laser hair removal can lead to permanent scarring and/or change in pigmentation. Unfortunately we see patients who have gone for the best deal and are left with these terrible results. We recommend that you ask about the laser being used, the experience and training of the laser operator, and whether there is a medical professional available to deal with any complications that may arise.