Acne Therapy in Austin

Are you plagued by acne? Dr. Ted Lain offers a solution.

By combining a gentle vacuum and broadband light, the Isolaz is a revolutionary laser acne treatment. After the vacuum loosens and extracts the oil, dirt, and blackheads from deep within the pores, a pulse of broadband light then kills the acne-causing bacteria and decreases inflammation and redness.

Patients notice a benefit, including a radiant glow, after just one treatment. Most people, however, use a package of five treatments to truly conquer the acne. Isolaz can be used on any skin type and is effective on acne at any age. There is no downtime after this painless treatment.

Dr. Lain is proud to be the first physician in Austin to offer the Isolaz to his patients. With more than three years’ experience and hundreds of treatments performed, Dr. Lain and his staff are the most qualified practitioners in the Austin area with this technology. In fact, they often are referred patients from other physicians around the area to help patients with “difficult” acne by utilizing the Isolaz Laser.

In addition to treating acne itself, Dr. Lain also offers various treatments for acne scarring, including subcision, peels, surgical removal, laser resurfacing and fillers. For the most effective acne scar treatment, Austin patients may require a few visits.

When you want clearer skin, trust the Austin acne experts at Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology.

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