Dr. Lain is very proud to be the first and only physician offering the revolutionary Exilis Laser for skin tightening and remodeling in the Austin area. By utilizing a patented system of controlled, radio frequency energy delivery, the Exilis deeply heats tissue which achieves multiple results.

First, the energy causes collagen remodeling. This thickens the second layer of the skin, helping plump fine lines and wrinkles.
Second, the energy deeply heats the tissue, causing contraction of the deeper planes which leads to tightening of the skin, thus reducing skin folds and sagging.

Collagen remodeling and deep tissue heating are performed at the same time with this technology. Patients can expect improvement in superficial and deep wrinkles and a minimizing of skin sagging and laxity.

Now available! Learn more about body sculpting and skin tightening at exilisaustin.com

Exilis in the News, February 4, 2011 | Click Here to View Story



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