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Can you imagine a procedure that can painlessly and effortlessly remove your muffin top? As you lay comfortably, a warm sensation is all you will feel as your fat melts away. The soothing heat actually kills the fat cells as well, so they never fill with fat again.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not only true, it is available to you right now at Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology in Austin, Texas. Thanks to the Vanquish system from BTL, which uses radio frequencies to target the fat layer under your skin, painless fat removal is possible. What makes the Vanquish unique is the treatment area is the largest in the industry, essentially treating the entire stomach region all at once. It also does not require manipulation by the technician once it is in place above the targeted area.

Additionally, the Vanquish radiofrequency is selectively tuned to heat fat cells, essentially bypassing skin and muscle. This allows the Vanquish to treat the entire area to the same temperature, leaving it with a smooth contour without bulges or dimples. The graph below shows the heat difference between fat, skin, and muscle during treatment.

The treatment for a single area consists of 4 – 6 weekly 30-minute sessions. You are able to see results immediately following each treatment. You will notice a slimmer you. Your clothes will feel looser. And there is no recovery time like there is with more invasive procedures.

Complete Austin body contouring

The perfect follow up to the Vanquish system, is Exilis, also from BTL. Exilis uses the same technology as Vanquish but is a hand-held system designed for treating smaller areas of the body, even on the face and neck.

Exilis not only treats fat deposits all over the body but can also be used to stimulate the production of new collagen. Collagen Refill Technology can treat wrinkles around the eyes (especially crow’s feet) and the lower face (for the lines from the nose to the mouth, around the mouth, and on the chin.)Exilis can also tighten up sagging skin. The new collagen created by your body in response to the Exilis treatment naturally puts an end to sagging skin on your belly, knees, eyelids, jowls, and neck.

Get more information and check out our treatment options HERE.

See for yourself

If you would like to witness the results of Vanquish and Exilis yourself, call either our Steiner Ranch or Pflugerville location to schedule an Austin body contouring consultation. We can help you have the contours of your younger self, erasing years off your appearance.

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What our clients are saying about Vanquish:


“I have nearly completed the first round of Vanquish treatments and I am loving the results. My clothes fit better and I feel great.

Before my first session I was very nervous and apprehensive. During that first session, however, the professionalism and depth of knowledge that Kayla demonstrated put me at ease. Her caring demeanor and attention to detail are an asset to your business. She has a way of putting you at ease with detailed and knowledgeable answers to questions and concerns. It is evident that she is passing those same values on to Shelly as well.

Thank you so much!



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