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Here in Lakeway, we love sunshine and the great outdoors. From Canyonlands to the Hamilton Greenbelts, you could spend days hiking our beautiful trails and still have more to explore. That’s a lot of time in the sun for you skin.

It’s not that sunlight is inherently bad for you (in fact, we do need that Vitamin D to be healthy); it’s the UV rays coming from the sun that take a toll on your skin. And the results can be pretty unpleasant. Of course, skin cancer is what most of use think of immediately, but there are several other consequences as well: discoloration, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity, to name a few. If your love of Lakeway’s parks is wearing on your skin, don’t worry. The perfect solution is right next-door: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology for your Lakeway dermatology needs.

Dr. Ted Lain offers you the very best in a dermatologist near Lakeway with his experienced staff, in-depth knowledge, cutting edge procedures, and flexible treatment plans. If that sun damage has left you with non-melanoma skin cancer, he can remove it easily with no scarring or recovery time. He can also reverse the clock on wrinkles and sagging skin with rejuvenation and tightening procedures like Exilis Laser treatment.

Perhaps you’ve worn sunscreen 24/7 for most of your life and sun damage isn’t an issue for you. Count yourself lucky, but don’t count yourself out of a Lakeway dermatologist. For our acne-prone patients, Dr. Lain created Skin+Metrics, his own specialized line of facial products to combat breakouts and blemishes for every individual skin type. He can also help with conditions around other areas of your body such as spider veins along your legs and persistent fat along your midsection. In other words, Dr. Lain is your dermatology expert near Lakeway no matter what you want to improve.

We believe that everyone has beautiful skin. Sometimes they just need a little help showing it off. If you want to know how Dr. Lain can help you with this, schedule a consultation today. A healthier, more beautiful tomorrow is just a phone call away.

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