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Living in the Sports Capital of Texas, you know all about competition. Sure, everyone plays to have fun; but no one can deny how great it feels to be the best. We get it. We like to be the best too. That’s why we put so much time, training, and care into our dermatology services.

Look Your Best

Whether you’re on the bars in gymnastics, catching a pop fly in baseball, or lining up on the field in football, you better look the part if you want to succeed. Why should you treat your skin any differently? Acne scars, wrinkles, discoloration, and other cosmetic issues may not be as easy to change as the uniform you’re wearing, but with Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology it doesn’t have to be much harder. You can count on him for all of your Round Rock Dermatology needs.

Just a Few of Our Services

We offer products and procedures to solve any skin problem. For blemishes and breakouts, our Skin+Metrics product line provides a customizable skincare routine to clear up your individual skin type. For dull and sagging skin, we provide chemical peels and laser therapies to diminish wrinkles, tighten skin, and uncover fresh, healthy skin below the surface. If you’re suffering from spider veins along your legs, Dr. Lain has simple treatments to clear dead veins and prevent future ones from forming. We even offer body contouring. If all that exercise at the sports complex can’t eliminate the last couple of inches around your stomach, count on your Round Rock dermatology expert.

Come See for Yourself

Being the best isn’t easy, but it’s worth the work to make our patients look and feel their best. Don’t take our word for it, though. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, or just stop by our dermatology office. You can see for yourself our friendly staff and professional service, and you’ll know why we’re the best. With a little help from Dr. Lain, you can be the champion over your acne, scars, wrinkles, and every other confidence-crippling skin concern. Set up an appointment today.

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