Look Good this Holiday with Body Contouring: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

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Take one look at a shelf of magazines and you’ll see that our society is obsessed with finding the next best weight loss technique. Around the holiday season especially, we see people jumping on the latest diet and workout trends in an attempt to slim down. You too might be wondering how to shake off those last few pounds before your family comes into town and the heavy holiday foods land on the table. After all, just because you’re wearing a bulky sweater doesn’t mean you have to be bulky underneath.

But when it comes to weight loss, it can be difficult to tell the fake fads from the revolutionary breakthroughs. Diets abound, ranging from Paleolithic eating to Weight Watchers. Others approach weight loss from the exercise angle: CrossFit, yoga, Zumba, and rowing, to name a few. And everyone will tell you about the amazing results you’re sure to get with their product. You may not even know where to start.

Have You Ever Thought about Body Contouring?

For many, achieving their ideal weight is not a matter of liposuction or surgery; instead, it’s a couple of persistent inches around their waist that just won’t come off. If you’re in that boat, you may feel like the tips and tricks in the magazines don’t work. No matter what you try, your midsection remains the same.

Well now there is a solution for you, and it’s more than just a fad. Body contouring with Dr. Ted Lain in Austin can provide that last little boost you need to banish the muffin top. Our system, Vanquish, wipes out fat cells with no pain and no misshaping. Plus, you start to see results quickly—often after the first session. There is no down time and no skin damage. Just pure fat reduction. Before you stop believing your eyes, let us explain how it works.

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Procedure

The Vanquish system uses radio waves to heat and eliminate the layer of fat cells underneath your skin in the midsection. The radiofrequencies target fat cells exclusively, so your skin and other tissues, while warmer than normal, are never harmed. At a certain heat the fat cells die, which means they won’t be able to swell up again.

A body contouring appointment with Dr. Ted Lain in Austin is as easy as lying down for thirty minutes. We will position the Vanquish over your stomach area then leave it alone. The tool is the largest in the industry so it covers your entire midsection in one sitting. Forget uneven bulges or dimples—the Vanquish leaves your stomach smooth and sleek. In 4-6 weekly sessions, you will feel like a new man or woman.

Why wait until New Year’s to reach the shape you’ve been dreaming of? We all know those resolutions only carry us into February anyway. Instead, try a weight loss plan with results you can see and feel at the end of the tunnel. You’re so close to where you want to be; now take the last step to get there. Give us a call today before the holiday season is over.