SRT-100 in Austin TX: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

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Skin cancer is a very real threat, as one gets older. Years of sun exposure increase your risk of skin cancer, however if you are diligent about making regular visits to Dr. Ted Lain, he can help prevent the terrible “C” word from becoming a part of your life.

There are two types of non-melanoma skin cancer called basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer. Both are not immediately life threatening, but if left unchecked, there is a chance it can spread to the surrounding tissues. These types of cancer occur on the surface of the skin and in the past, surgical measures were used to remove these cancer cells. However, this resulted in unsightly scarring and hours of treatment.

Dr. Ted Lain has introduced this revolutionary new procedure to his clinic that removes basal cell and squamous cell cancers called Superficial Radiation Therapy, or the SRT-100. This low energy radiotherapy goes no deeper than the thickness of the skin and has many positive benefits. These include:

·       Short procedure time

·       Painless

·       Increased safety

·       Zero anesthesia

·       Little to no scarring

·       No post-surgical infections

·       Minimal chance of recurrence

·       Quick healing time

·       No scalpels and no bleeding

Basal and squamous cell cancers typically appear on your legs, arms and face. This procedure is perfect when these types of cancers appear on overly sensitive areas such as your nose, eyelids, lips, corner of your mouth and ears. Past treatments to remove cancers in these tender spots would result in incredible pain, but now with SRT-100, you can come to your visit worry free as this treatment is virtually pain free.

After treatment, you can expect a small scab to form, but once it heals, underneath is new, perfect skin with very minimal scarring at all. Never before has a cancer treatment been so effective and easy. Most of the time, these treatments are covered by your insurance or Medicare. Why? Because they know how important preventative health measures are.

Nobody ever wants to hear the words, “You’ve got cancer,” so to avoid this terrible phrase, you must take precautions. Visits to you dermatologist are vital. If you have basal or squamous cell cancers, do no delay, these quick procedures will take only minutes from your day but add years to your life. When you’re talking about your life, caring for you skin through regular visits to your dermatologist, Dr. Ted Lain, shouldn’t be a question.