There may be a wide variety of skincare products in Austin today, but if you have sensitive skin you can rule most of them out as options for you. Sensitive skin is just that—sensitive. You can’t throw just any ingredient into your skincare routine or else you could end up with a splotchy, irritated face. You need careful treatment and gentle formulas. Especially if you have rosacea, harsh exfoliating products are out of the question. However, your skin needs to be cleansed and cared for as much as any other skin type. This can make finding the right products a headache to say the least.

Gentle and Effective

Dr. Ted Lain understands the challenges for you and your skin when it comes to good skincare in Austin, and he has the solution. The Daily Purifying Sensitive Cleanser is mild enough for every skin type, including yours. We use only gentle cleansing ingredients so you can enjoy healthy skin without the irritation—even if you have rosacea.

Alternatives for Your Skin

Because you cannot exfoliate your skin with a regular scrub or alph hydroxy acid formula, you may wonder how to clear away the dead skin cells and grime that daily cleansing just doesn’t reach. In addition to our Skin+Metrics product line, we offer a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments geared toward reducing lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and roughness. By eliminating the old, weathered outermost layer of your skin, we reveal the newer, smoother, healthier layer underneath. When you cannot comfortable exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis, this is a great option in addition to the Daily Purifying Sensitive Cleanser.

Your Next Step

A clean and healthy complexion is a possibility for you, even with sensitive skin or rosacea. All you need are the right products. To find the perfect skincare routine for you in Austin, talk to Dr. Ted Lain. Give us a call today to set up an appointment. We have exactly what you need.



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