Between sunlight and processed foods, your skin is constantly fighting off free radicals. Buzz words in Austin skin care, free radicals are roaming oxygen particles that break down your skin’s cells on a molecular level. Over time, they can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. But how do you fight something you can’t even see? Antioxidants are the counter force to free radicals. They collect the wandering oxygen particles before they can wreak havoc with any of your body’s cells. You can always plan a healthy diet to maximize your antioxidant level, but sometimes pomegranates alone aren’t enough. That’s why Dr. Ted Lain created Daily Toner Pads for you to get a strong dose of antioxidants every day.

In our set of Austin skin care products the Daily Toner Pads pack a powerful punch with green tea extract. Green tea is famous for its potent antioxidants, and we have included only the most effective ones in our formula. Use one of our specialized cleansers to clear your face of any dirt or makeup first; then follow up with a toner pad for maximum antioxidant absorption. The product will not dry out or irritate your skin—it will leave it fresh and protected. For the best possible results, apply a sunscreen or moisturizer a minute or two afterward to give your skin the full coverage it needs.

Austin skin care isn’t just about what’s going on at the surface. For smooth, youthful skin, you need to take care of what’s inside as well. More information about our Daily Toner Pads and what they can do for you is available here in our office. Dr. Ted Lain has a lineup of wonderful skincare products just for you. Healthier skin is only a call away—pick up the phone today.



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