Summer Bucket List Austin Skincare: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

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Winter is melting away and our favorite season is just around the corner. Hard to believe another year has gone by, isn’t it? And you still haven’t looked into Austin dermatology like you promised yourself you would last summer. Well, as this new season approaches, it’s time to put skincare at the top of your to-do list. After all, if you’re getting your body into swimsuit-shape, why shouldn’t you take care of your skin at the same time? With the help of Dr. Ted Lain and his cutting-edge skincare procedures in Austin, you’ll look your very best this summer.


Problem: Dry, dull, damaged skin
Solution: Skin rejuvenation

If you don’t have any specific skin issues but still want that fresh, youthful glow, then skin rejuvenation is for you. We offer laser procedures, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and photo-facials to give you an overall facial renewal. Each of these skin rejuvenation therapies will slough off the outermost layer of dull skin to reveal the brighter, fresher you underneath. If you’re hung up on your acne scars, we can use facial resurfacing to smooth things out. If you’re looking for a way to quickly refresh your face, then try out our Arctic Peel. Whatever procedure you choose, you can enjoy clear, younger-looking skin just in time for summer.

Problem: Thin, sagging, wrinkled skin
Solution: Skin tightening

Age and gravity take their toll on everyone. Sure, you’re glad to not be going through your teenage acne phase anymore, but it would be nice to wake up to a firm, smooth face in the morning like you used to. Dermatology in Austin has the answer: skin tightening with Dr. Ted Lain. Over time, the natural collagen that provides the skin’s structure breaks down and wears out, leading to the sagging and wrinkles already mentioned. We are the only office in Austin with the Exilis Laser skincare procedure, breakthrough technology that heats skin tissue to spur collagen production and deep layer contraction. After a few sessions, looking in a mirror will feel like looking into the past.

Problem: Acne, acne, and acne
Solution: Acne therapy

Breakouts, blemishes, zits, pimples…no matter what you call them, they’re likely a source of anxiety, frustration, or maybe even embarrassment. While you can go to the store for a cleanser that will keep mild acne at bay, more severe conditions require a little extra help. Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology is the first office in Austin to offer the Isolaz treatment. This procedure is a combination of vacuum extraction and broadband light pulsing to remove and eliminate the bacteria that leads to inflammation. This is the summer of skincare in Austin. Call us and schedule an appointment today.