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With Halloween right around the corner, costume ideas and how to dress up for them might be spinning through your head. Whether for yourself or your children, costume makeup is one of the most important parts of the look. From blue smurf faces to elaborately made up princesses, this makeup can be quite a pain to remove at the end of the day when the parties and trick-or-treating are over. Facial skin, especially around the eyes, is sensitive and can easily be damaged. Using the utmost care when removing stubborn costume makeup is important to protect those sensitive areas.

Skin+Metrix product line can help

At Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology, we have an exclusive line of skin care products that will not only make your skin glow, but remove makeup, impurities and oil from your skin, leaving it lustrous and healthy. The daily purifying foamy cleanser, cream cleanser and sensitive cleansers gently condition your skin. These cleansers contain lactic acid, which is known for being much gentler than exfoliation or chemical products in other cleansers. Removing the dead skin cells and refreshing your pores prevents breakouts and blackhead build ups. After a day with thick and greasy costume makeup on your face, the Skin+Metrics skin care line will restore your skin, leaving your face feeling refreshed.

How to carefully remove makeup

Just as the right cleansers are vital for removing heavy makeup, so are the correct methods of removal. Scrubbing your face vigorously could damage the thin skin under your eyes, tearing it or disrupting the elasticity, leaving your with baggy, saggy eyes. When it comes to removing eye makeup, carefully rubbing the cleanser with warm water, using outward circular motions, will break up the makeup particles. If you use a wipe or cotton pad, gently blot and wipe softly. Using a Qtip can get in the creases and clean every line.

Refresh your skin with C+T Ferulic

When your face is fresh and clean, finishing off with C+T Ferulic will restore and rejuvenate your skin. This specially formulated product stops free radicals from damaging your skin. Pairing this product with the other Skin+Metrics products, is a great defense against wrinkles. Restoring that youthful life back into your face is what you want and this product definitely delivers.

Skin care in Austin done right

Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology can help you with all your skin care needs as well as offer solutions for spider veins, fat reduction, laser treatments and more. Taking good care of your skin is a year round job and schedule routine treatments and exams with Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology will keep your skin in top shape. Call us today for a consultation, we are happy to be your trusted Austin dermatologist.

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