“Steiner Ranch Dermatology,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased I am to see continued results weeks after my Vanquish and Elixis treatments. With the little bit of cardio I have added to my routine, I am seeing better results with toning than I have in past years.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Shelley. In addition to the thorough knowledge Shelley has on the various procedures offered, I found her very personable and easy to converse with. She has a way of keeping me motivated and I appreciate that very much.


“I have nearly completed the first round of Vanquish treatments and I am loving the results. My clothes fit better and I feel great.

Before my first session I was very nervous and apprehensive. During that first session, however, the professionalism and depth of knowledge that Kayla demonstrated put me at ease. Her caring demeanor and attention to detail are an asset to your business. She has a way of putting you at ease with detailed and knowledgeable answers to questions and concerns. It is evident that she is passing those same values on to Shelly as well.

Thank you so much!”

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lain’s for about 2 years now. Much to my alarm, after my last skin check in May, Dr. Lain informed me that a basal cell skin cancer was showing up on my nose. I had two options: I could either undergo a surgical removal, which would more than likely cause scarring, or visit the Plugerville location for superficial radiation treatment. This would be twice a week over several weeks, but would definitely ensure that there was no scarring. I immediately signed up for the superficial radiation treatment. The treatment was really smooth–I was in and out of the office in 10 minutes, and other than the treatment area being pretty itchy (much of which can be alleviated with sunscreen), there were no side effects. At the end of the treatment I couldn’t even tell where the skin cancer had been. I highly recommend this procedure as I do all of Dr. Lain’s treatment.”
“Very happy with their service. The doctor even picked up on an issue that I had not mentioned.”
“Steiner Ranch Dermatology is the best in the Austin area! I’ve been to dermatologists for years and recently switched to Steiner Ranch. Dr. Lain is great to work with and has been incredibly responsive to all of my skin issues (aging, acne, spider veins). The staff there are all very nice and helpful, and even contacted Dr. Lain during his vacation when I had a question. The nurse helped out when my insurance wasn’t going to cover my prescriptions and my out of pocket cost ended up at $5. I highly recommend Steiner Ranch for any dermatology needs.”
“Dr. Lain is very honest. He actually told me that I did not need the IPL that I purchased. Both he and the practitioner basically tried to talk me out of it. I drove all that way, so I got it done anyways. They modified it, so that I would get more of the results I was looking for. I was very impressed at how honest they were.”
“I recently had a very bad case of psoriasis in my scalp that has been bothering me for over 2 weeks, so I finally had to see a dermatologist while visiting in Austin. I found Dr. Lain, was able to get in quick when an opening came up and am glad that I did. Dr. Lain prescribed an over the counter shampoo (T-Gel) and a prescription foam medicine that I had to rub into my scalp. It has been just 4 days since treatment started and it is so much better. Great job doc, and thanks for helping me.”
“I had an appointment with Dr. Lain about my adult onset acne. He was great. Very knowledgable and thorough. I highly recommend. I got my first IPL here and it was great. My skin was immediately improved. If you’ve never gotten one of these (aka photofacial) and you want to brighten your appearance and improve your skin with results in less than a week, I highly recommend. And there’s not a more knowledgable skin doctor in Austin!”

You can have beautiful skin. Call us today.