The Austin Skin Care Experts

Dermatology is not just about treating problem skin. Steiner Ranch Dermatology is a clinic offering a variety of treatments and skin care regimens to help you achieve healthy, vibrant, and younger looking skin. Dermatology covers all aspects of your skin, head to toe. From acne to wrinkles, we make use of numerous products and procedures, including Melanange™ skin lightening system, Botox®, fillers (including Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus, Belotero, Radiesse, and Sculptra), peels, and treatment for spider veins and acne scars, just to name a few. Dr. Ted Lain is your trusted specialist.

Acne solutions

There is no need to suffer from the embarrassment, irritation and pain of acne any longer. Our acne solutions will restore your smooth, healthy skin in a number of ways. Our Skin+Metrics products deliver the results you are looking for. Our caring, experienced staff will sit down with you, examine your skin type and determine the needs and solution for solving your acne problems. Whether it’s adolescent or adult onset acne, our experts are ready to help you get the clear complexion you have longed for. For some, the issue is not a current acne problem but a past one which has resulted in pockmarks and deep scars. These are hard to hide with makeup products. With the expert hand of our Austin skin care specialists, we can diminish these deep scars, making them less noticeable and helping you feel happy about your face again.

Fight aging and sagging

Fine lines and wrinkles are a dead giveaway to your age. While this number is nothing to be ashamed of, no one wants to look older than they are and almost everyone loves hearing that “you look so young!” There is nothing more flattering than the shock in someone’s face when they find out you are older than you look. Aging gracefully is a beautiful thing and Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology can help you achieve that. Our specialists perform a variety of laser treatments that rejuvenate and revitalize your face, resulting in clearer, more youthful skin. Whether you are seeking to repair sun damage, scarring, surface damage, or would like to learn more about the process of skin tightening, Austin dermatologist Dr. Ted Lain has the solution. Dr. Lain or his expert staff will guide you toward the best products and procedures for your face.

Remove unwanted hair

There is nothing more exasperating than razor burn after shaving. Think how wonderful it would be to never be blighted with this pain or the annoyance of shaving and razors ever again! Laser hair removal is the best gift you can give yourself. The freedom from worrying about ingrown hairs, unwanted facial hair or razor cuts is a priceless thing. By targeting the cells deep within the hair follicle, we slowly disable its ability to regrow. This process takes a 4-6 weeks to achieve but you will love the smooth, soft feeling and appearance of your skin when it is finished. You will not regret your decision to get laser hair removal.

Protect your skin

Dr. Lain and his Austin skin care staff are very aware of the impact of sun exposure, the environment, and age on your skin. We take advantage of the latest wrinkle fillers, peeling agents, and skin products to return your skin to a youthful, healthy appearance and texture using the most non-invasive techniques available. The Skin+Metrics system offers protection against damaging sun exposure and specially formulated serums for those developing fine lines. In addition to these high quality skin care products, we can recommend other minimally invasive, even painless procedures to diminish the signs of premature aging and help you attain your youthful glow.

The best skin care Austin has with Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

Our professional, educated staff are excited to become your permanent dermatology team. Your complete satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will do all we can to help you with all your skin care needs. For the most effective skin care Austin has to offer, call Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology to schedule a consultation and find out which treatments and procedures can provide the most benefit for your skin.

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