Gift Laser Hair Removal: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

Posted by | April 02, 2015 | Laser Hair Removal | No Comments

Wedding season is upon us. You see the engagement pictures popping up on Facebook, the Mason jar centerpieces taking over Pinterest, and the happy couple hashtags flooding Instagram. Soon you’ll be attending a few weddings yourself—for your sister, your best friend, your cousin, whoever—and the question of a wedding gift is keeping you up at night.


Do you buy the silverware set on their registry? Settle for a gift card? We have an idea: laser hair removal in Austin.

Now, we know what you might be thinking. Hair removal? As a gift? Isn’t that…kinda weird? Before you make up your mind, hear us out on a few points.


Many women today are opting for the hairless look, and they achieve that look in a variety of ways. Whether they wax or shave, one thing is guaranteed—they’ll have to do it again next month, if not sooner. The only permanent hair removal available in Austin—or anywhere—is laser hair removal. Instead of pulling out the hair or cutting it, laser hair removal takes care of the source of unwanted hair. Light from the laser targets the hair follicles, damaging them enough to stop, or at least reduce, future hair growth.


Forget the wincing on the waxing table or the uncomfortable razor burn; our laser hair removal in Austin is virtually painless, especially when compared to alternative methods of hair removal. Most of our patients compare the laser treatment to a small rubber band being snapped against their skin. Plus, after only six treatments, you’ll never have to sit through painful hair removal procedures again.


At Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology, you can rest assured that the bride-to-be is getting the highest quality laser hair removal available in Austin. As medical professionals, we are fully trained and certified to administer laser hair removal—you won’t have to worry about any questionable techniques or procedures. Dr. Lain and his technicians have experience and knowledge to provide each patient with the best possible visit. We offer effective laser treatments for patients with either lighter or darker skin, so anyone can enjoy your gift.

Come by our office or give us a call today to get the perfect wedding present. With the benefits of our laser hair removal in Austin, you might want to pick up a package for yourself while you’re at it.