Those Last Five Pounds: Dr. Ted Lain Dermatology

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You’ve stuck to your New Year’s Resolution pretty well so far. March is beginning, and you still get yourself to the gym a few times a week. Plus, you’ve replaced all the Twinkies and chips in your house with fruit and nuts. Go ahead—pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.


Thanks to your healthy habits, the weight came off quickly and easily from the start. But the closer you’ve come to your ideal body weight, the harder weight loss has become. Those last few pounds just don’t want to let go. Here are a few reasons that you might have trouble with the final five pounds.

What Your Momma Gave You

If your parents were overweight, you may have the same genetic tendency. All the exercise and dieting in the world can’t change your genetic code. Fortunately, PLoS Medicine published a study in 2011 showing that only about two pounds of total body fat can be blamed on genetics. Your parents’ obesity doesn’t directly lead to your own, but your genes could be holding on to those last few pounds.

Getting Older

None of us can stop time from passing by, so aging is inevitable. As our bodies grow older, our metabolism slows down—about 1-2% per decade after 20. That small percentage translates to about 150 fewer calories burned every day. Plus, our society has become generally less active; a sedentary lifestyle slows down your metabolism even more.

Biology 101

Just like any animal on the planet, human beings are designed to survive. Our bodies crave fat and sugar, send hormones to make us hungry, and store up extra energy all in an effort to survive a harsh and dangerous world. Except that harsh and dangerous world, in which we don’t know when the next meal is going to come, no longer exists for many people. Hunting for food has been replaced with hunting for a bargain at the grocery store. While our world changed, our biology didn’t, and we are left with the same instincts we’ve always had.

Fat Reduction in Austin

With age, genetics, or biology working against you, shedding those last couple of pounds may seem impossible. But Dr. Ted Lain has your secret weapon: the Vanquish system. This radio frequency treatment is at the forefront of fat reduction technology in Austin. It uses radio waves to target, heat, and eliminate fat cells so they never swell up again.

The Vanquish is the largest contouring instrument in the industry, targeting your entire midsection at once. You can sit back and let that stubborn fat disappear. Don’t let uncontrollable factors control how you feel about your body. Call Dr. Ted Lain today for a fat reduction appointment in Austin, and finally say goodbye to the last five pounds.